Zi3 Overseas Medical Education

Our Services

Home Counseling Services

We offer personalized assistance to students gearing up for medical studies. Our dedicated services encompass clarifying the essential "do's and don'ts," elucidating opportunities for studying abroad, facilitating conversations with family members, and underscoring the significance of pursuing medical education. Our in-home counseling services span across Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Pondicherry, completely free of charge. Should you encounter any obstacles or find yourself uncertain about commencing your medical studies, rest assured, as we are here to provide guidance and pave the way to secure your medical seat.

Course Counselling

Zi3 has an exceptional track record of guiding medical aspirants with admission counselling services. Our counsellors have vast experience and offer personalized guidance toward gaining hassle free admission to our reputed institutions.

Interview Preparation

After a thorough documentation and admission guidance, the universities you apply may shortlist you for an interview. We prepare you and guide you for your interview to boost confidence and morale, to strengthen your profile, while giving an interview with the University Representative.

Post Admission Services

As the students are young and first time travelling to a new destination We give a complete details about the travel process and the type. And also our representative will travel with the student to take care of them. We also, give one to one counselling for the students to get to know more about the country, university, which will make the students more comfortable.

Visa Instructions

After the students have gained admission, Zi3 helps students through their Visa processing procedures. Our visa procedure is time bound and procedure driven, we help our students to lodge their visa application filling the accurate information and attach documents accordingly.

Pre-Departure Assistance

The pre-departure services are meticulously charted for each individual and instructions are given to ensure that the student is more than ready to embark on his/her voyage overseas.

Value Added Services

Value Added Services are an integral part of Zi3 which places us a step above others. We offer academic and personal guidance to students enrolled through us. We take utmost care to ensure that our students are in a conducive environment. We also confirm that the accommodation and food suits their taste.

Loan Assistance Services

Embarking on a journey toward overseas medical education is an exciting and promising endeavor. However, the financial aspect can often be a significant concern. Our specialized Loan Assistance Services are designed to alleviate this burden and make your dreams of studying medicine abroad a reality. At Zi3 Overseas Medical Education we understand the unique challenges that aspiring medical students face when seeking financial support for their education abroad. With our years of experience and a dedicated team of experts, we are committed to guiding you through the complexities of obtaining the necessary funds for your education.